In the words of Jason Mendoza….

My desire in creating this art piece was to explore and understand the hearts and minds of my brothers. To see with unfiltered eyes the pain and suffering of a people that echo through generations.

It has been said that a house divided against itself will not stand. A powerful statement, for we are truly better together.

In the year 1865 of June we took a major step toward unifying our divided nation when slavery was finally abolished. As a nation we look upon our history that we may strive to be ever learning and progressing toward a more unified state of community. So as we continue to evolve and move forward with hopes of tearing down every wall that hinders our progress in mutual love and respect, we now listen with open hearts and ears at the echoes that cry from generations past until now.


I am a Black Man.
I am an Ethnic Minority.
I am a Person of Color.
I am a descendent of the enslaved and the disenfranchised.
I have never been fully accepted.
I am Impoverished and gazed upon as less than human.
I am surrounded by darkness, shackled by assumptions, locked in the confines of servitude.
I carry the weight of the world upon my shoulders.
I am hopeful… So full of hope, for I see my greatness is recognized.
I am culture.
I am music.
I am the hottest fashion trend.
I am style, grace and perseverance personified.
I am innovation, brilliance and the most riveting orator.
I am the greatest athlete.
I am the ultimate fighter who turns the other cheek.
I am made in the image of the Creator, loved by the great I AM.
The weight of the world does not crush me… it strengthens my resolve
Oppression does not end me… It toughens my descendants.
I am a Person Full of Color.
I am a Black Man.
I am a MAN.

Narration : Quinton Phillips

Join us as we commit to something greater than ourselves