Community Forum – April 26, 2017

  • This will be a working session to organize and galvanize units to action.

Community Forum – March 22, 2017

  • Our Guest speaker this month will be Franklin Moss.This month’s Forum will focus on the “Untold” History of Fort Worth. In order to understand where we are going, we have to know where we have been.

    Join the movement and be a part of the History of Fort Worth!

Community Forum – February 22, 2017

  • This month’s focus will be on My Brothers Keeper and community engagement. We will have Mr. Rickie Clark as our guest speaker.
    1. Why its important for men to mentor our youth today?
    2. Why minority children lack a role model in their household?
    3. Are there systematic issues for lower income communities and leaders?

    We will also provide updates to recent events that have happened in Fort Worth and what role we can play.

Community Forum – January 25, 2017

  • ***Update:
    Due to some unforeseen circumstances our guest has changed. Our guest speaker for this event will be Junichi Uehara Bomani Ajamu. He is an Education Instructer at The Uhuru Academy and Founder of Soulja Mentality Training Systems . Junichi will still focus on health along with a few other areas.As a former United States Marine and Iraqi War veteran, Junichi applies his understanding of the importance of establishing a “Mission” to the pursuit of passion and purpose, as well as the consequences of quitting before you can declare “Mission Accomplished.” – will also provide updates to recent events that have happened in Fort Worth and what role we can play.CommUnity Frontline

Community Forum – November 30, 2016

  • This month’s focus will be on Education. Doesn’t matter where your kids are going to school, as a man and as men, we must be present in how our kids are being taught and what they are being taught.
  • Our guest speaker this month will be Principal SaJade Miller of P. L. Dunbar High School. Principal Miller has and is doing some great things on the campus of Dunbar from leading the school to being ranked top 3 in academics, to fostering a partnership with Texas Wesleyan University, Aviation Program, Starting Dads of Dunbar and so many other opportunities for the students and community. He’s done all this in just a 2 year span.

Community Forum – October 26,2016

  • Our Topic for this month will be families, specifically Domestic Violence.
  • Our guest speaker will be LaTasha Jackson-McDougle (yes a lady), she is Founder/CEO/Owner at Cheryl’s Voice, which is an advocate for children that have experienced Domestic Violence.This will be very insightful and helpful to us as we enter into trying to understand our roles with helping families in our communities and even our own personal families.

Community Forum – Sept. 21, 2016

  • This forum will focus on the Fort Worth Police Department. Deputy Chief Keyes and Captain Shedd of FWPD will be our guest speakers.

Community Forum – Aug. 17, 2016

  • Mobilizing men to enter into and alleviate the suffering of our community

Community Forum – July 13, 2016

  • This will be the 1st of many forums to begin putting actions behind our many thoughts and words. As men we must be 1st in leading our family, our homes, our communities, our cities, etc! This will be a mens only forum to bring ideas together, to plan and strategize for our city, the City of Fort Worth. We will not be unprepared.Come ready to work together, forming committees to work through all things that are affecting our lives and communities.

Guest Speakers

Franklin Moss – Former City of Fort Worth Council Member, The Center for Stop Six Heritage, Inc

Rickie Clark – Author, FWISD MBK Facilitator,Director of Rites of Passage Program,CEO of STEP

Junichi Bomani – The Uhuru Academy and Founder of Soulja Mentality Training Systems

Sajade Miller – P. L. Dunbar High School, Principal

LaTasha Jackson-McDougle –  Cheryl’s Voice, Founder/CEO/Owner

Deputy Chief Keyes – Fort Worth Police Department

Captain Shedd – East Division of Fort Worth Police Department